3.5.12 - Review of “Hidden Landscapes 2” from  Fluid Radio.

Audio Gourmet team up with Hibernate Recordings for a second instalment of Hidden Landscapes bringing together a very healthy looking roster of artists from across the globe including Lawrence English, Marsen Jules, Talvihorros, Field Rotation, Pjusk and Offthesky to name but a few…

Inspiration for the compilation has been drawn from the wintry colder months – a theme complimented not just by the music but also through evocative cover photography from Jonathan at Hibernate. The album has been carefully track listed by curators Harry Towell (Audio Gourmet/Spheruleus) and Bartosz Dziadosz (Pleq) into three distinct parts with the first delivering a number of pieces on the neo-classical stringed instrument front then moving in to deeper experimental drone work and closing with a harsher noise elements round things off. The Marsen Jules opener sounds like a Cocteau Twins instrumental – showcasing shiny guitar repetitions against soft synth pads. Talvihorros pitches an angelic mandolin arpeggio against scratchy swathes of distorted guitar and Midori Hirano, The Frozen Vaults and Danny Norbury utilise cello, violin, piano and found sounds across excellent modern classical works. Quinn Walker and Pawn bring things deeper mid album with some superb atmospherics – hoar frost crunches underfoot and it’s time to pull on a woolly jumper and get in front of the fire with a warming beverage. Things become decidedly more introverted and contemplative as the compilation concludes with Pjusk announcing what feels like an early afternoon chilly dusk at a remote Norwegian farmhouse whilst Strom Noir conjures up images of a star filled sky in the depths of night. There is definitely an element of auto-suggestion when it comes to the pictures evoked by Hidden Landscapes 2 yet ultimately this really is ideal music for cold winter nights. Don’t let that stop you getting involved if you are reading this in the tropics though – with a little bit of imagination this compilation will take you where ever you wish.

Hidden Landscapes 2 is released on March 16th via Hibernate – CD (4 panel digipak) / Download

3.4.12 - “Five Pieces” Released by Rural Colours.

Taken from Rural Colours:

“rc050 is five pieces featuring Listening Mirror, Antonymes, Quinn Walker, Widesky and Wil Bolton. Each artist was given a piece of artwork and asked to create a soundtrack from it. 100% of income raised from five pieces will go to the Four paws animal charity (www.four-paws.org.uk) The now sold out physical edition of rc050 came packaged as a handmade booklet kept in a fabric sleeve. An edition of just 50, each one was numbered and personally addressed.”

This is a special compilation and I’m very happy to be included with such great artists and for such a great cause as well!

12.25.11 - Latest Soundcloud output (guitar loops, vinyl crackle, tape hiss)